What You'll Learn in Section Three

Welcome to Section Three, Intermediate Audacity. It's in this section that we're going to start manipulating and editing our audio using some of the tools and effects that are built into Audacity. The reason we want to use effects is to make our audio sound as good as possible. From this point forward in the course, I'll be introducing you to many of the effects that are included with, or designed for, Audacity so you can record and edit with confidence. Here's a roadmap of what we'll learn here in Section Three:

  • Fake Podcast #2 and Project Backups
  • Sync-Lock Tracks and The Label Track
  • The Noise Reduction Tool
  • Intro to Loudness Normalization (LUFS)
  • Multi-Track Cleanup Using Silence
  • Amplitude, Distortion, and Clipped Audio
  • Applying Compression
  • How to Install a Nyquist Plugin
  • Removing Mouth Sounds with the De-Clicker Plugin
  • The Zero Crossing Tool
  • Content Editing and Listening With Your Eyes
  • The Play-At-Speed Toolbar

We have a lot to cover, so let's get started.

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