What You'll Learn in Section One

Welcome to Beginning Audacity: Step-by-Step! Thank you so much for purchasing my course. Let's talk briefly about what you're going to learn in this first section. Remember, this is a beginning course that assumes little or no experience with Audacity. Because of that, there are no prerequisites and we start right at the beginning by downloading Audacity and starting it for the first time. From there we move into the basics of Audacity with information that you need to know and that's crucial for a beginning user of this amazing program. To get the most out of this course Audacity version 3.2.0 or later is recommended.

Here's an outline of Section One topics:

  1. Downloading and Installing Audacity
  2. Making sense of the user interface
  3. How to record and a look at the Play/Record head
  4. What is a waveform?
  5. How to create, save, and open a project

Are you ready to jump in? Let's go!

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