Welcome and Course Introduction

Welcome to ACX Audiobook Production Using Audacity. This course is all about using Audacity exclusively for ACX audiobook creation. We don't talk about anything outside of Audacity and ACX. We don't talk about room design, mic technique or placement, vocal techniques, soundproofing, microphone types, or sound dampening. There are plenty of excellent resources out there covering those topics and I give you links to several of them in the final lecture Resources folder.

Instead, this course is about how to use Audacity, and only Audacity, to create and produce exceptional audiobook recordings for ACX. We don't use any 3rd party plugins but every plugin we use is available on the Audacity Team website and are designed for use with Audacity. And it's all available for free!

As the course progresses, I will be providing you with the required Audacity plugins, sharing the macro I use in this course with you, and giving you a couple Filter Curve EQs I use. Please be aware that you're going to need Audacity version 3.0 or higher to open the practice file in Lecture 10. Starting with version 3, Audacity project files are saved in a different format than previous versions and can't be opened using previous versions.

NOTE: The assignments begin in Lecture 10. All assignments are optional.

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